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“Prime Minister to launch 10,000 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) all over the country on 29th February 2020”

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Training on FPO

What is FPO. What are the benefits of FPO. Benefits of FPO Formation. Government Grants and many more..

Training on Agricultural Infra Fund

Who are eligible. Documents Required. How to Apply. Project Report. Rate of Interest. Marketing Techniques..

Farmers Producer Company

Introduction to Farmers Producer Company(FPC) or FPO. Why this is important in today’s context. Benefits given by the covernment to the members of the FPC. How to register …. Full Video in Bengali.

Training on Contract Farming

The contract farming is more beneficial for large farmers in terms of production so the marginal Farmers make profit in comparison to large farmers. Basically in India there is a strict rules and regulations regarding the fulfillment of the contract, which does not results in the failure of the Farmers. Know how …