Refund Policy

Payment and Refund Policy
2.1 All accounts are set-up on a pre-pay basis only
2.2 Desihaat FPO Pvt Ltd(Commonly known as Desihaat) will suspend your account if outstanding bills have not been paid in within 5 days. Desihaat reserves the right to suspend the account. Desihaat reserves the right to charge late fee if bills are not paid in time.
2.3 Desihaat reserves the right to impose a re-activation fee for accounts that have been suspended.
2.4 If the services provided by us are not as per mentioned in website or services are not functioning properly, we will refund your amount, just request us for a refund within the first 30 days of your hosting account activation. No claim can be initiated after 3 days.
2.5 Refund will not be granted in following cases:
2.51 If customer has made a payment after reading all policies of this website .
2.52 If customer has breached our terms of services and violated our accepted usage policy.
2.53 If customer uses abusive language with Desihaat staff.
2.54 If customer has availed the discount from listed price while purchasing the service.